23rd October

BIM offers free check of personal floatation devices

PFD appeal 2017

Fishermen appealed to bring their PFD to Skipper expo

 PFD appeal 2017


Marine Notice No 47 of 2016



Notice to all Seafarers, Seafarers Representative Organisations, Shipowners, Ship Operators, Recognised Organisations and Charterers

The Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 (MLC) was adopted at the 94th International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) Maritime Session in Geneva, on 23rd February 2006. The Convention seeks to ensure that the employment and social rights of seafarers are fully implemented. Please see Marine Notice No. 30 of 201515 for details of Flag State Inspection and Certification of Irish seagoing ships.

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Marine Notice 43 of 2016


Marine Notice No 42 of 2016

Notice to all Shipowners, Fishing Vessel Owners, Agents, Shipmasters, Skippers, Fishermen, Yachtsmen and Seafarers

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport have been advised that Sea Power Ltd and Atlantic Towage & Marine Ltd are due to install a wave energy device and associated moorings at the Marine Institute’s ocean energy test site in Galway Bay, located within the following co-ordinates:                

                      Latitude           Longitude

                      53°13.90’N      009°15.55’W

                      53°13.90’N      009°16.15’W

                      53°13.60’N      009°15.55’W

                      53°13.60’N     009°16.15’W

Sea Power wave energy site

The Ocean Bank (Callsign EIHO7) is scheduled to arrive at the ocean energy test site in Galway Bay on the 10th October 2016 to commence installation of four moorings for the wave energy device. The moorings will be mobilised from Galway Docks and installed at the ocean energy test site over a period of three days.

Read more: Marine Notice No 42 of 2016

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