18th December

Weather warning to stay safe

Irish Water Safety is warning the public that to stay SAFE they must stay away from the edges of waterways during storm conditions that are even more dangerous due to heavy rain, strong gale force winds and high tides.

Fast rising flood water is very powerful and often hides the dangers of exposed drains, exposed manhole covers and submerged objects. No driver or pedestrian should take a chance passing through flooded roadways. Parents should caution children that small flooded streams are very fast and that floodwater hides true water depths. storm conditions at 40ft Sandycove, Co Dublin

Storm conditions at 40ft Sandycove, Co Dublin.                                                        Photo Gillian Mills


What should I do when a Flood Warning is issued:

1. Listen to the national and local radio for met eireann updates. Click on http://www.flooding.ie/en/ for further information.

2. Check on neighbours particularly if they are elderly, infirmed or families with young children.

3. Move your vehicles to higher ground.

4. Move animal stock to higher ground.

5. Check your small craft to ensure they are well secured or moored, consider taking them up on a trailer for safety.

6. Make sure you have warm clothes, food, drink, a torch and radio.

7. Block doorways and airbricks with sandbags or plastic bags filled with earth. Floodgate products will work effectively also.

8. Switch off gas and electricity supplies if flooding is imminent.

9. Check the time of High Water in the Newspaper or at www.irishtides.ie Personal


1. Avoid flood waters at all times.

2. Carry a mobile phone at all times in case you need to call for help - call 112 in emergency.

3. Wear suitable protective clothing & a Lifejacket in on or around water.

4. Never try to swim through fast flowing water.

5. Never put your feet down if swept away.

6. Flooding on roads will be deeper at dips and around bridges.

7. Stay away from sea and flood defences.

8. When walking or driving, be aware of manhole covers and gratings that may have been moved due to the heavy flow of water.

9. Take care when using electric appliances in damp or flood conditions.

10. Remember that during the hours of darkness the dangers are multiplied.

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