17th July

Storm damages Bundoran lifeboat station

Just hours after the annual Bundoran RNLI lifeboat dinner dance ended last Friday, the station was damaged from the combination of a high tide and heavy swell. The main door was broken down along with the bottom panel in the large doors behind which the lifeboat is kept.

As a precautionary measure the boat was moved to higher ground ahead of high tide the following day but remained on service.

Bundoran Lifeboat Station 0800 hrs 01/02/14

Bundoran Lifeboat Station at 0800 hrs 01/02/14

"Despite the force of the sea, we only suffered a small amount of damage, and the lifeboat itself wasn't damaged,"  commented Tony McGowan, Bundoran Lifeboat Operations Manager.

"Having viewed CCTV of the time of impact, it it remarkable how one big surge which was at least  two metres higher than the rest caused the damage. It is easy to see how people can be caught out in such conditions and I would urge people to keep well away from the water in such circumstances," he warned.

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