15th October

Statement from BIM

Emmet Barrett, Keating & Associates

The contention by groups opposed to salmon farming that the recent storm would have damaged the structure of the salmon farm proposed for Galway Bay is speculative, misinformed and incorrect. 

BIM knows the precise wave climate experienced at the location of the proposed fish farm as there was a measuring device on site during the storm. The data buoy demonstrated that the wave conditions generated by the storm were well within the parameters of the scenarios suggested in our Environmental Impact Statement and would not have caused damage. 


We also have had it confirmed to us by IFA Aquaculture that no damage was suffered by similar fish farms at Clare Island or Deenish Island in Kerry despite their being subjected to the same storm. Those sites have a similar exposure profile to our proposed Galway Bay site.

The unfortunate storm event has actually provided robust evidence that the proposed sites in Galway Bay are well suited as locations for a modern deep sea salmon farm.

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