25th September

Second international sea trout symposium

Scientists, managers and policy makers gathered in Dundalk, Co Louth, to discuss conservation and protection of sea trout, to develop national sea trout policies. Central to discussions was the wider application of an 'evidence-based' approach to management and regulation.


International sea trout symposium

Denis Maher, DCENR; Dr Ciaran Byrne, chief executive, IFI; Cynthia Smith, DCAL NI and Dr Cathal Gallaher, IFI

Sea trout is a valuable natural resource offering an 'exceptional angling experience'. Irish fisheries managers are therefore very focused on sustainable management and stock restoration, according to event organisers, Inland Fisheries Ireland.

Addressing the delegates, Joe McHugh, Minister of State at the Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources said the presence of "this iconic migrant" which leaves freshwater and wanders coastal waters to feed heavily before returning to its natal streams to spawn, was a "very positive environmental indicator". 

He also applauded the north-south approach on management to conserve this "valuable component of biodiversity in Ireland".

Northern Ireland's Minister for Culture, Arts and Leisure, Carál Ní Chuilín outlined the 'catch and release' legislation introduced in 2014.

"We're delighted to be working with IFI to advance our knowledge of this species so that we can enhance our understanding of their complex life history and to ensure we're taking all necessary steps - not only to conserve them but also to enhance stocks in our rivers."

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