23rd October

Creedon's Wild Atlantic Way needs your help

The Wild Atlantic Way, the magnificent West Coast of Ireland - is it the ‘land of your heart’s desire,, as described by William Butler Yeats?

John Creedon is about to find out in his new three-part series for RTE One, Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way.

John Creedon 2

“My car is always happiest when it’s pointed west,” claims John and it’s just as well because he’s about to travel this epic 2,500 kilometre trip from Kinsale in Cork right up to Donegal’s Malin Head.

But he needs the public's help.

“I know there are some real hidden gems out there so I’m putting out the call,” said John. “I want people to get in touch and tell me all about them. It could be anything, that little boreen that leads to your secret beach, or the place where you’re guaranteed to catch a fish...or a wave!”

But this series is also all about the characters John meets up with.

“You might know someone, an uncle, a cousin or even a neighbour”, he says “and you’ve always thought they should be recorded for posterity. They’re the people I want to meet, the big personalities that make the west coast such a unique place.”

The Wild Atlantic Way is more than just a road trip. The sea will be John’s highway and he wants to discover just why this beautiful yet savage landscape exerts such a hold on us.

“The West Coast has witnessed Cromwell’s tyranny; the famine’s devastation and the scourge of emigration,” says John.“But it’s managed to survive and for many it’s become a sanctuary and refuge. It’s this reimagining and reinventing that I really want to try and explore.”

Landscape, history, characters, poetry, food - and a window into the lives of the people who live where the land meets the ocean – all of this will be part of Creedon’s Wild Atlantic Way which is due to air on RTE One this Summer.

So if you want to contact John with your hidden gem, you can get in touch by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; on twitter:#CreedonsWildAtlanticWay or www.facebook.com/rteone

Promo video: http://youtu.be/oSE-qO2U-W8

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