15th October

Angling development funding for the Midlands

Angling clubs and organisations in the Midlands are set to benefit from a €50,000 Midland Fisheries Fund (MFF), introduced by Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) earlier this year and announced by Joe McHugh, Minister of State with special responsibility for gaeltacht affairs and natural resources.


IFI angling-funds

Mary Harkin, Rory's Fishing Tackle Shop, Dublin, with a 6lb trout caught and released on Lough Sheelin

The fund comprises angler contributions set aside from the Permit income received by the IFI in the Midland Fisheries Group permit area. Applications were received from various clubs and organisations in June in the Westmeath, Roscommon, Offaly and Cavan county catchments.

Successful projects on Loughs Sheelin, Glore, Ennell Derravaragh and the River Suck will improve angler accessibility to fisheries, develop and install new fishing stands and tackle terrestrial invasive species.

“It is through these sustainable funding schemes, such as the Midland Fisheries Sustainable Development Fund, that anglers and communities are empowered and can benefit hugely. Essentially it is money raised in the locality through the purchase of permits that facilitates a funding injection back into the catchments, increasing revenues to communities and creating jobs - funds raised in the locality staying in the locality,” Minister McHugh said.

Full details of the Midland Fisheries Fund can be obtained on the Inland Fisheries Ireland website at: http://www.fisheriesireland.ie/Angling-Information/midland-fisheries-fund.html.

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