15th October

CFP reform and implications for small-scale fisheries

Brian O'Riordan, ICSF

Should policies for small-scale fisheries be decided nationally or at European level, and should the Common Fisheries Policy (CFP) concern itself with the management of this sector?

In its April 2009 Green Paper on CFP Reform, DG Mare suggested that the CFP could play a role in both. Most Member States (MS) did not support the differentiated management regimes suggested, however the reformed CFP is potentially of great significance for small scale fisheries.

ICSF CFP reform

In the small-scale fishery chain there are direct linkages with high tech processing and marketing industries associated with large retail outlets, as well as with small-scale artisenal processing, marketing and retail secctors. Photo courtesy of Lonxanet Foundation, Galicia, Spain

Specifically, the CFP could go a long way to ensuring or otherwise securing fair access for small-scale fisheries to fishery resources and grounds; to trading and market opportunities; to resources for supporting the sector - finance, information, infrastructure; and to policy decision-taking and management related processes.

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