24th March

Globalstar satellite hotspot hotline to home

Leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, Global Europe Satellite Services Ltd, is focussing on the commercial fishing industry to provide affordable communications on existing smartphone or tablet devices.


Globalstar Sat-FiTm is 'the world's most powerful satellite hotspot' that allows up to eight users to simultaneously send texts, emails and make calls, hundreds of miles offshore.

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New strategy plots five-year course to prosperity for seafood sector

The BIM Strategy – Capturing Ireland’s share of the Global Seafood Opportunity claims to have been 'constructed in line with the targets and objectives set out in key government policies relating directly or indirectly to the over the next five years'.

For those engaged in the fishing, aquaculture and processing sectors it will be their look-to roadmap to success. We talk to the agency’s chief executive Jason Whooley on the key priorities.

Jason Whooley, BIM chief executive

 BIM chief executive, Jason Whooley 

BIMs strategy is an action plan for Ireland’s seafood sector that will deliver twelve hundred jobs and a billion Euro from sales by building scale and enhancing competitiveness in the Irish seafood sector. This sounds optimistic, but is it realistic?

Optimistic, not really when we look at the growth that we’ve had over the last number of years in our seafood exports. Over the last two years we’ve had almost 30% growth in seafood exports, and the growth that we’re talking about for the one billion Euro in sales is primarily driven by an increase in seafood exports. And, with an increase in scale and raw material, we believe that figure is achievable.

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The Drowes Salmon Fishery

Brendan Connolly

Straddling the border between Counties Leitrim and Donegal, the Drowes Salmon Fishery runs just five miles from Lough Melvin to the sea at Tullaghan. Yet, those few miles represent one of the best and most easily accessible rod-and -line salmon fisheries in Ireland. The manager of the Drowes Fishery is Shane Gallagher, who, for many anglers, must have the perfect job.

Lareen Estate

Luke White, initially a penniless immigrant from Scotland, amassed a fortune by running a lottery in Dublin in the early 1800s that allowed him to buy 26,000 acres centered around the Drowes river and Lough Melvin.

Angling advice in the tackle shop. Photo Brendan Connolly

Angling advice in the tackle shop

From 1810 onwards, he developed the Drowes as a salmon rod-and-line fishery, and built Lareen Lodge as a shooting and fishing lodge. Subsequently, Lareen Estate and the Drowes Fishery changed hands a number of times.

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Leading provider to the UK offshore wind-farm sector, Fastnet Shipping is poised for Irish take-off

Leading Irish marine plant andwind farmsupport vessel operator, Fastnet Shipping Limited, has taken delivery of its third windfarm, survey and dive support vessel, Fastnet Skua, which went straight to work  on a 75 turbine, 270MW windfarm 8 kilometers off the Lincolnshire coast at Skegness.  A fourth sister vessel FastnetPuffin,will be launched and operationalin Q3, 2012 for work in the UK/ European offshore windfarm market.

Fastnet Skua

Fastnet Skua

Based in Waterford, this fifth-generation family company  has more than 50 years experience operating and chartering vessels and marine plant for dredging; harbour and coastal towage; crew transfer; transport and offshore logistics. During the busy summer months, the company would employ up to 30 staff who would be active in the UK and Western Europe in Belgium, France and The Netherlands.

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Dawn breaks on an Integrated Marine Plan for Ireland

In an exclusive interview with Inshore Ireland, Minister Simon Coveney outlines some of the finer points of the government's document Our Ocean Wealth, which invites public opinion on new ways, new approaches and new thinking to develop Ireland’s maritime resources.

Why has government undertaken this public consultation process?
A number of months ago we embarked on putting together an integrated marine plan for Ireland, and one of the things I wanted to do was to dramatically increase the priority and focus on the marine resources that we have.

8.1interview coveney

Simon Coveney, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine launches Our Ocean Wealth. Photo Gillian Mills

Taking our seabed into account, Ireland is one of the largest states in the EU with sovereign or exclusive rights over one of the largest sea to land ratios at ten: one. Our land resource is 90,000 km2, but our marine resource is 900,000 km2. And at 7,500km, our coastline is longer than that of most European countries.

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